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Muving Promotional Code: 2nNjiTVn

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These fast electric Muving motorcycles are yellow and can be found in cities such as ATLANTA, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Murcia, Malaga, Granada, Zaragoza, Alicante, Cordoba and other cities in Spain. You just have to take your helmet and visit the entire city!

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These scooters come equipped with two helmets so you can take a companion wherever you want.

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The Muving electric scooters are perfect alternatives for public transport in cities since these scooters are rented by the minute. And that there are not many electric mopeds in Valencia. Take advantage now of our Muving discount code: 2nNjiTVn and enjoy thirty free minutes.

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Do you want to get the best motohsaring codes and promotional codes? On their website they are called packs. Access this space on the web and choose the pack that you like the most depending on the rental time and the price:
-Supermuver pack: Rent scooters for 400 min for only $100
-Ecomuver pack: The 200-minute bonus costs $60
-Muver pack: 100 min of rent for only $32 All these minutes will be available for one year from your online purchase!

Muving motosharing discount code: 2nNjiTVn

Now muving arrives at the American city of Atlanta! You can use our promotional Muving code 2nNjiTVn